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Guidelines For Representing A Purchaser

Registration of client(s) is only valid for 180 days from the date of registration. If the client does not enter into an Agreement of Purchase and Sale during this period, Real Estate Sales Representatives / Brokers (Representative) must re-register their client(s) in order to maintain registration. It is understood that if the Representative fails to do so, the parties hereto agree that throughout any subsequent period which the client has not been re-registered, the Vendor shall be at liberty to enter into an Agreement of Purchase and Sale with the client without the involvement, knowledge, or approval of the Representative, and without being obliged to pay a commission fee.

  1. For all clients registered online by a Representative, the client will be required to verify their intent to register and that they are working with the Representative that has registered them. If the client fails to do so, the registration made by the Representative will be considered invalid.
  2. Neither The Daniels Corporation or Daniels Emshih Oakvillage Corporation will not pay a referral fee or commission for clients who have already registered themselves for this community and have indicated that they are not working with a Representative or who have been registered through another Representative.
  3. Registration status will be verified prior to signing a Broker Referral Agreement with Daniels Emshih Oakvillage Corporation at point of sale.
  4. Representatives must be present with their client for their first visit to the sales office, at the preview event and at point of sale to be eligible to receive commission.
  5. Representative/client registrations will not be accepted on sale day.
  6. There is no limit to the number of clients that a Representative can represent.
  7. Each household may only purchase ONE (1) home within the community at the advertised deposit program. The Daniels Corporation and/or Daniels Emshih Oakvillage Corporation may restrict or limit additional purchases from the same household and if allowed, will require a larger deposit.

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-Registering a client does not guarantee a specific home or allow the client to reserve a specific home. It does not guarantee a sale and does not guarantee a specific place in line for purchasing should one exist.

Please email should you require further clarification.

Daniels Emshih Oakvillage Corporation reserves the right to amend this Broker Co-Operation Policy And Guidelines For Representing A Purchaser